Finding a Miami Appraiser

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How do I find a Miami home appraiser?

Finding a Miami Appraiser

Finding a Miami home appraiser is not terrifically complicated. If you are using a Realtor, they will most likely have a few recommendations from which you can choose. Your mortgage lender may even take care of it for you as part of your closing package. If you are not using a real estate agent or your lender doesn't take care of the appraisal for you, you can turn to any friends or relatives who have recently conducted the purchase or sale of a home. Personal referrals are always best.

Finally, you can turn to the Yellow Pages or to the Internet. There are national appraiser directories out on the web, but your best bet will be to search in Google, MSN or Yahoo under Miami Appraiser or Miami home appraiser.

You want to make sure they are accredited and in good standing. Establish if they have any references and how long they have been in business. Find out their rates and make sure they are comparable to the industry standard. Finally, make and appointment and away you go!



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