New Construction: What You Should Have Prior to Closing

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What information do I need about my new construction Miami home?

New Construction: What You Should Have Prior to Closing

When you buy a new construction Miami home, you need to arm yourself with as much information as possible. This will ultimately protect you against any problems that may come up down the line, so it is in your best interest to get all of the following documentation before closing.

  1. Get a complete list of all of the contractors and sub-contractors who did work on your home. This should include contact information and any "Certificate of Competency" information.
  2. Get a complete copy of the approved set of plans for the house from the local Building Department, Records Unit.
  3. Make sure you get a copy of the survey or plot plan that should include any information about the location of sewers and/or septic tanks on the property.
  4. Make sure you get all of the flood zone information from your mortgage company of from your insurance agent. You should already know what kind of insurance you are required to have, but you need to know the risks and the information so that you can protect yourself down the line.
  5. Certain features of your home like the roof, windows and septic systems will require certification or product approvals. Make sure you have copies of any such certifications or approvals.
  6. Get a roof insulation certificate.
  7. Gather any air conditioning energy card(s) that have been posted by the mechanical contractor at or on any of the cooling unit(s).
  8. Make sure you get a soil statement certificate from the developer or builder if at all possible.
  9. Ask for and get a copy of a termite inspection certificate from the developer or builder.
  10. Get a copy of the radon test certificate, if applicable.
  11. Get copies of all homeowner association documents, rules and regulations.



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