Cash at Closing

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Should I ask my seller to repair the Miami home or Miami condo or should I ask for cash at closing?

Cash at Closing

Here's a good Miami real estate closing tip: if you find a problem with your Miami property, don't ask the seller to fix it, ask for cash at closing. You may think you want the seller to repair the roof, replace the boiler or have the floors refinished, but in reality, that doesn't make a lot of sense.

Not only could it delay your closing date, but your seller wants out of this home so how much effort are they going to make towards getting the best service or highest quality replacement?

If you have cold hard cash in hand from the closing, you can make sure you buy the appliance you want, hire the contractor you trust or you can be secure in the repair that you made yourself. Not only will a negotiation like this mean a faster closing, but you'll have the peace of mind that the problem won't come back to haunt you in six months or a year.



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