Condos By Neighborhood: North Beach

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Which Miami condos are located on North Beach?

Condos By Neighborhood: North Beach

So you have your heart set on North Beach, but you need a comprehensive list of the Miami condo's from which you have to choose?

Here is a basic list of many of the established, new and preconstruction Miami Condos in the North Beach neighborhood. These run the gamut from moderate to super-luxury which means you'll definitely find the Miami condo you are looking for!

  • Akoya
  • Bel Aire Flats
  • Bel Aire on the Bay
  • Bel Aire on the Ocean
  • Canyon Ranch Living Condos
  • Canyon Ranch Living Hotel
  • Casablanca Villas
  • The Collins
  • Deauville Condo Resort
  • La Gorce Palace
  • NoBe Bay
  • Ocean Blue
  • Regatta



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