Miami Home Warranties

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Should a new construction Miami home come with flood insurance?

Miami Home Warranties

Did you know that new homes often come with a home warranty now? In fact, if you are buying a new construction home you should expect at least a one year home warranty from the builder. If that isn't offered, you may want to consider a different location, home or neighborhood. You should seek the following in relation to your Miami home warranty:

  1. Get all warranty information and documentation issued by contractors or subcontractors who worked on the house “systems” including air conditioning, appliance installation, roofing and plumbing.
  2. Make sure all of the warranty cards have been filled out and sent in to your manufacturers.
  3. Find out from your developer if they have insurance policies under any of the Home Warranty Insurance programs available.
  4. Keep all of your documentation in a fire proof box.



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