Hurricane Kit

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What should be in my Miami home hurricane kit?

Hurricane Kit

If you are relocating to Miami, you need to learn about hurricanes and be prepared. Here is a simple list of everything you need for your South Florida hurricane supply kit:

  • Fresh Water – You should have at least 1 gallon per person, per day for up to one week
  • Food – Non perishable and canned items for everyone up to one week. This should include foods for babies, toddlers and any elderly family members. Don't forget dry snack foods, a mechanical can opener, paper plates and plastic utensils and a non electric or gas powered grill or cooking stove.
  • Pillows, Sheets, Bedding and Blankets
  • Outerwear, Waterproof and Sturdy Shoes and spare underwear and socks.
  • First Aid Kit that includes every day medicines and prescriptions.
  • Toiletries including special needs for babies or the elderly. Baby wipes no matter what.
  • Working Flashlights and Fresh Batteries (Test at the beginning of every hurricane season)
  • Battery operated radio or a NOAA weather radio
  • Cash Reserves
  • Keys to Your Home
  • Books, Cards, Games and Toys
  • Important Documents – Keep your social security card, other identification and important documents with you and in a water proof bag or container.
  • A set of simple tools
  • Make sure all of your cars, vehicles and/or generator have full tanks of gas.
  • Pet items including collar, leash, food and immunization records.



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