Miami Area Schools

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How can I figure out where the best schools are in Miami?

Miami Area Schools

If you need to find out which schools are where in the Miami area, you can go to the Miami Dade County website and search for schools by zip code. This will only get you school information and websites though. What you really need is to find out how good the schools are. The Florida Department of Education has provided a tool by which you can get school indicators on their website. These are some of the factors that you can choose to find the right school for your child. • Absences
• American College Test
• Classes Taught by Teachers that are “Out of Field”
• Disabilities
• Dropout Percentage or Rate
• School Operating Costs
• Spending Per Student
• Standardized Math Test Scores
• Standardized Reading and Writing Test Scores
• % of ESL Students
• SAT Scores
• School Grades
• School Staff Information
• Graduation Rate
• Crime
• School Staff Statistics
• # of Students
• Suspensions
• Teachers with Advanced Degrees
• Teacher Years of Service



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