Your Buying Plan

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How do I develop a Miami real estate buying plan?

Your Buying Plan

No one should go into a home buying situation on a whim or without developing a buying plan. A buying plan basically means that you or you and your partner and/or family have established the criteria that are important to you in your home buying. For instance:

  • How much space do you need in your Miami condo or Miami home?
  • How much money can you spend?
  • Do you need to be near schools?
  • Are you more interested in being near night life?
  • Do you want a back yard, or is a terrace sufficient outdoor space?
  • Finally, and perhaps the most important - what are you willing to compromise on and what aren't you willing to give up?

By establishing your budget through pre-approval and discussing the features you need in a home and neighborhood before you buy, you won't fall into the trap of buying the first thing you see because it "seems" perfect. Be smart and be prepared and you'll end up with the best Miami home for you.



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