Finding the Right Seller

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How can I find the right Miami home or Miami condo seller?

Finding the Right Seller

Have you ever gone to a garage sale about an hour before they are about to close up? Have you noticed how many items are now deeply discounted if not free? The same goes with real estate. No, you probably aren't getting a Miami condo or a Miami home for free, but you can get a much better deal if you find The Right Seller.

Highly motivated sellers may want to make some money on their investment, but they are sometimes more interested in just getting the sale of the property over with. For instance, perhaps they have already purchased another home and have moved. Or, perhaps they bought the property as an investment and they are anxious to liquidate. Perhaps the sellers are divorcing and liquidating joint assets. You never know - unless you ask.

Has the property been on the market for a while? Does the seller or agent return your calls immediately? These are some signs of "the right" seller. If you can, find out why the seller wants out. If you can identify an anxious seller, you may be able to negotiate a lower price, a quicker closing date or perhaps having your closing costs covered.



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