Making a Great Offer

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What makes a superior offer on a Miami home or Miami condo?

Making a Great Offer

If you've shopped for a Miami home or Miami condo before, the chances are you may have submitted and offer on a home and been turned down because a superior offer came to the seller. What makes a superior offer?

  1. Large down payment and deposit. Folks with 20% to put down look great to sellers. This indicates a lower risk loan for banks which means a better buyer to the seller. After all, they don't want to accept an offer only to have the buyer's financing fall through.
  2. Pre-Approval in hand. You should have your pre-approval in hand, and it should be for more than the price of the home on which you are bidding. If your seller sees that your budget is too tight, they may reject your offer because they want a buyer with more secure finances.
  3. Flexibility. Your seller may need a flexible closing date or move out date and your ability and willingness to be flexible can make or break a deal.
  4. Your Broker. This may sounds ridiculous, but you need to make sure the politics of Realtors don't get in your way. If you have hired a less reputable Realtor, or one who doesn't have good contacts and good relationships within their industry, it can hurt your chances of securing the property you want.



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