Sellers Agent

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How do I choose a sellers agent?

Sellers Agent

When you choose a Miami Realtor to sell your home, the first thing you should try to do is get a referral. Finding a Realtor through someone else who has had a positive experience is a great way to go. The next step is to look at your local Realtors and figure out which agency is the largest and most successful vs. who has a smaller agency that is growing quickly.

Larger agencies have great track records, but a smaller Miami Realtor may give your more personalized attention and may push your home sale harder and get your home sold more quickly.

Finally, personality matters. You are signing a contract with this person, so make sure you trust them, get along well and can communicate effectively and professionally. If you are intimidated, turned off or offended by their personality, they are not the right Miami real estate agent or agency for you.



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