Avoid a Miami Realtor Who Just Tells You What You Want to Hear

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Is there anything I should avoid in a Miami realtor?

Avoid a Miami Realtor Who Just Tells You What You Want to Hear

If you have four Miami Realtors push back on the price at which you want to sell your home, and one who agrees, the chances are the one agreeing with you is doing so just to get the contract. Listen to expert opinions.

If you don't have a professional appraisal to back up your claim, or if you don't know everything there is to know about the Miami real estate market, choose a professional who does, and work with them.

Don't hire someone who is just going to blow smoke all the time and who will be ultimately unsuccessful selling your Miami home because they didn't convince you to do the right thing. Miami Realtors are experts in their field. Find one you can trust and follow their advice.



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