Having a pet in Miami

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How can I adopt a pet in Miami?

Having a pet in Miami

Adopt a furry friend through the Humane Society of Greater Miami, which has shelters in North and South Miami. Future pet owners are encouraged to bring their families and spend time playing with several of the pets before deciding on which to take home. If you don't bond with any of the shelter's current residents, or you have specific size, age or breed requirements you can enroll in its Match-a-Pet program, in which you can meet with an adoption counselor from the Society and describe the kind of pet you would like. The Society will call you when they receive a pet matching that description A new cat or kitten could be yours for only $60, or if you're ready to take on a puppy or dog, $90. In addition, the Society's spaying/neutering and vaccination clinics are open Tuesday through Saturday. For more information, call (305) 696-0800 for the North shelter or (305) 252-3389 for the South shelter.



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