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How can I find Miami job listings for Miami careers?

Developing Your Own Miami Careers

Employees looking to strike out on their own will find the Maimi area a great place to start a business. Miami is home to one of only two U.S. Small Business Administration Business Information Centers in Florida. This great resource provides assistance and advice to new business owners, provides Miami job listings and maintains a large reference library of books, periodicals, videotapes and CD-ROMs. For more information, visit the office at 49 NW 5th Street or call (305) 536-5521. And since Miami has some great tax advantages -- in addition to no local or state personal income taxes, there's no local corporate tax and low state corporate tax rate of 5.5% -- starting a business in Miami may be less financially challenging then you'd imagined.

What kind of Miami job searches can I perform using Miami newspapers?

Miami Job Search in the Miami Newspapers

Jobseekers in the Miami area have a wealth of information at their fingertips. The city's favorite paper, the Miami Herald, boasts a large jobs classified section, with its online edition linking to, one of the top Miami job search sites. In addition to searching for jobs suited to their industry and level of experience, Miami jobseekers can post their resume and sign up for daily or weekly “job alerts” to get their new career jump-started. Also check out local community papers such as the South Miami News, Palmetto Bay News, Coral Gables News and the Coconut Grove Tribune.

How can I find the best IT jobs in Miami?

Miami IT Jobs

In the IT industry? Looking for the perfect job in Miami? Engineers, programmers, developers, web designers and other professionals go to to search the best jobs in Miami as soon as they are advertised. Job seekers can search by location, industry, type (permanent or contract) date and skills and also post their resumes on the site.

Where can I find jobs in Miami Florida?

Miami Dade County Jobs

Also helpful to Miami jobseekers are the websites of the city's employers themselves. Southern Florida may be known as a tourist haunt, and the area is indeed home to some of the biggest providers of travel and tourism – the Carnival and Royal Caribbean cruise lines both make their homes here. But the Miami area is also headquarters of financial institutions, food manufacturers, biotech companies and more. So if you've always dreamed of contributing your talents to big-name companies like BankUnited Financial Corporation, Equity One, Kos Pharmaceuticals or Fresh Delmonte Produce, look no further than Miami for jobs in Miami Florida. There's something here for just about everyone.

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