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Should what Miami home I want to buy influence my miami realtor decision?

Choosing the Right Miami Real Estate Agent: What are you Buying?

Obviously there are a lot of Miami realtors from which to choose. How do you do that?

First, what are you buying? You can find different Miami Real Estate Agents that specialize in various neighborhoods, price ranges, condos, single family homes, investment property and commercial real estate. For instance if you want to buy a single family home in Kendall, you probably don't need a Miami real estate agent who focuses on luxury homes in Key Biscayne. Or if you want a condo on South Beach, you don't need a Miami Realtor who focuses on more family friendly neighborhoods like Pinehurst and Palmetto.

The most important thing is to communicate your needs right up front. Some Miami Realtors specialize in new construction homes while others are more interested in first time home-buyers. Make your needs clear and you'll find the right Miami real estate agent.

Is there anything I should avoid in a Miami realtor?

Avoid a Miami Realtor Who Just Tells You What You Want to Hear

If you have four Miami Realtors push back on the price at which you want to sell your home, and one who agrees, the chances are the one agreeing with you is doing so just to get the contract. Listen to expert opinions.

If you don't have a professional appraisal to back up your claim, or if you don't know everything there is to know about the Miami real estate market, choose a professional who does, and work with them.

Don't hire someone who is just going to blow smoke all the time and who will be ultimately unsuccessful selling your Miami home because they didn't convince you to do the right thing. Miami Realtors are experts in their field. Find one you can trust and follow their advice.

Should I hire a Miami real estate agent?

Realtor or No Realtor?

We all want to save money when going through the home buying process, but in some cases, seeking the help of a professional can save you so much time that it's really worth the extra money. Real estate is often one of those cases.

For instance, if you are relocating to a different state, or even within the state but from one end to the other, you probably don't know about neighborhoods, schools, new developments, churches and local business areas. A good Realtor knows about all of these things and can guide you to the right neighborhood, school district or luxury high rise Miami condo.

You'll also get the benefit of a spirited negotiator. When you hire a great Miami Realtor, they will haggle on price, improvements, closing costs, you name it. They make all that hassle go away.

Finally, they will save you time. If they know your buying criteria they can weed out the best Miami homes or Miami condos for you to view. They can set up appointments and in many cases will probably drive you themselves. Don't automatically rule out using a Miami Realtor - you may end up saving a lot of time and headaches by finding a solid professional to represent you.

How can I communicate better with my Realtor?

Communicating with your Miami Realtor

Most Miami Real Estate agents have all of the information and Miami Real Estate tips that you need right on their web sites that can guide you to the type of home that suits your priorities. Today's sales representative understands that buyers are coming in better educated than ever before and can focus on the presentation of your individual home tour.

Have some long, deep conversations with your family and make sure you know and agree on what your needs and priorities are. This can save you a lot of time and trouble in finding the perfect home. Then choose from a variety of homes or find a luxurious Miami Condo downtown - the options are endless and at your fingertips!

Should commission be my deciding factor when choosing a Miami realtor?

Don't Choose on Commission Alone

You may have different agents competing for your business and one of the primary competitive tactics is commission percentage. Just because someone comes to you with the cheapest price for their services, doesn't mean you should immediately hire them to represent you and the purchase and/or sale of your Miami home.

Consider their sales record, their personality, any references they can offer and their overall success in the marketplace. Don't ever make a decision on price alone. Instead of getting a bargain, you may get what you paid for.

Does a Miami realtor's personality matter, or should I overlook it?

Choosing the Right Miami Real Estate Agent: Personality

You are probably going to spend a significant amount of time with your Miami Realtor, either in person or on the phone, so make sure you like them. If you don't click, don't get into an agreement with them.

You need to trust your Miami real estate agent, and if you can't talk to them or feel like they don't listen to you, the relationship will be a bust and so will your Miami home search. Some Realtors like to push, some are more laid back, some are real movers and shakers - there is an agent that will fit your personality and be great and finding the right Miami home or Miami condo for you!

Find someone with whom you are comfortable and happy and you'll have a much better and more successful home buying experience.

How do I choose a sellers agent?

Sellers Agent

When you choose a Miami Realtor to sell your home, the first thing you should try to do is get a referral. Finding a Realtor through someone else who has had a positive experience is a great way to go. The next step is to look at your local Realtors and figure out which agency is the largest and most successful vs. who has a smaller agency that is growing quickly.

Larger agencies have great track records, but a smaller Miami Realtor may give your more personalized attention and may push your home sale harder and get your home sold more quickly.

Finally, personality matters. You are signing a contract with this person, so make sure you trust them, get along well and can communicate effectively and professionally. If you are intimidated, turned off or offended by their personality, they are not the right Miami real estate agent or agency for you.

Are there Miami realtors who specialize in helping out of state buyers?

Shopping Out of State

If you are buying a Miami investment property or relocating to Miami you are going to have a different set of needs than someone merely looking to switch neighborhoods. You need to make sure you find a Miami real estate agent who understands your unique situation and can help you overcome any obstacles that may present themselves.

For instance:

  • Is your Miami Realtor willing to go to various homes and take digital photos for you and send them along?
  • Are they willing to put together a few solid days of house hunting if you can come in from out of town?
  • Are they as responsive as you would like the to be to phone calls, emails and other methods of communication?
  • Do they listen to your needs and make sure they send you potential Miami homes and Miami condos that are appropriate?

You should consider all of these factors when you choose a Miami Realtor to help you with an out of town home purchase.

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