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How can I adopt a pet in Miami?

Having a pet in Miami

Adopt a furry friend through the Humane Society of Greater Miami, which has shelters in North and South Miami. Future pet owners are encouraged to bring their families and spend time playing with several of the pets before deciding on which to take home. If you don't bond with any of the shelter's current residents, or you have specific size, age or breed requirements you can enroll in its Match-a-Pet program, in which you can meet with an adoption counselor from the Society and describe the kind of pet you would like. The Society will call you when they receive a pet matching that description A new cat or kitten could be yours for only $60, or if you're ready to take on a puppy or dog, $90. In addition, the Society's spaying/neutering and vaccination clinics are open Tuesday through Saturday. For more information, call (305) 696-0800 for the North shelter or (305) 252-3389 for the South shelter.

Where is the best Miami transit?

Getting Around Miami Without a Car - Dade Miami Transit

Miami visitors and residents alike can easily get around the city through the use of its public Miami transit system. A 22-station train system transports passengers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with trains leaving an average of every six minutes during rush hour, and about every 10 minutes nights and weekends. Stations are about 1 mile apart and begin in the north at Palmetto and ending in South Miami. Parking is available at many stations. If you need to go somewhere that's not on the rail line, the extensive bus system is an option. With more than 100 routes, Metrobus operates 24 hours a day and can take you just about anywhere you want to go in Miami-Dade County. For more information, visit

How do I contact Miami Dade county?

Contacting Miami Dade County

Have a question for Miami Dade County and don't have the time to sift through long voice mail messages and operators? They have developed a simple system: just call 311. This is the phone number for government questions and issues that are not emergencies. You can get your answers in English, Creole and Spanish 5 days a week between Monday and Friday from 8AM to 8PM. If you can't get through to 311, call (305) 468-5900.

How can I find the Metro Miami Transit?

Riding the Metro Rail - Miami Dade Metro Rail

A little-known secret of Miami is its Miami metro rail, modeled after Disneyland's famous monorail. For about a dollar – less than a subway ticket in most cities – riders can cruise through many of the city's neighborhoods.

Where are some Miami Florida demographics?

A City for all Ages - Population in Miami

Florida may be known for having a large elderly population, and Miami is no exception. About 17 percent of the population of Miami Florida is over 65, roughly in line with the rest of the state. That doesn't mean Miami and the surrounding areas are only for older people, though. The median age in the state in just shy of 38; about 15 percent is 25-34 years old and another 15 percent is 35-44. About 25 percent of the population is under 21.

What is the population in Miami like?

2004 Miami Population

Men looking for a city with the male-to-female ratio tipped in their favor will find a treat in both North Miami and South Miami where women make up nearly 52% of the population of Miami Florida. Fear not, though, as about 27 percent of the population lives alone in North Miami. That number jumps to 30 percent in South Miami -- leaving a good portion of Miami's population without a live-in partner. That's good news for both sexes.

Is Miami a safe community?

Miami is a Safe Community

Miami-Dade County invested additional $50 million in Operation Safe Streets, a successful effort improve Miami quality of life by reducing crime and promoting programs like Citizen's Watch, and Victim Services. Violent crime in Miami is down by 5 percent, as are robberies, burglaries and auto thefts.

How diverse is Miami?

Miami: A Cross-section of Lifestyles

If you are looking for an exotic, luxuriant, cosmopolitan locale, look no further than Miami. Miami residents come from more than 121 countries, speak 68 languages, and the Miami-Dade school district teaches students in sixteen languages. One of the primary trade centers in the United States, the Port of Miami handles close to $80 billion in trade every year.

So come down and check out some beautiful Miami Real Estate and enjoy this diverse community for yourself. Miami living isn't just for the rich and famous!

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