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What should I know about Miami building codes?

Know Miami New Contruction Building Codes

Don't try to learn everything a contractor would know, but you must learn which codes require certification or proof of completion in order to secure financing from your lender.

You should pay as much attention to the main construction (foundation, framing, etc.) as you do to whether the granite countertop was properly installed.

Also make sure you are aware what documentation you need for closing. For instance new Miami home builders are required to get an elevation certificate to ensure that the property is at the right elevation above the flood plain. You may also need a Certificate of Occupancy at the closing to prove that building codes and minimum safety requirements are complete.

What information do I need about my new construction Miami home?

New Construction: What You Should Have Prior to Closing

When you buy a new construction Miami home, you need to arm yourself with as much information as possible. This will ultimately protect you against any problems that may come up down the line, so it is in your best interest to get all of the following documentation before closing.

  1. Get a complete list of all of the contractors and sub-contractors who did work on your home. This should include contact information and any "Certificate of Competency" information.
  2. Get a complete copy of the approved set of plans for the house from the local Building Department, Records Unit.
  3. Make sure you get a copy of the survey or plot plan that should include any information about the location of sewers and/or septic tanks on the property.
  4. Make sure you get all of the flood zone information from your mortgage company of from your insurance agent. You should already know what kind of insurance you are required to have, but you need to know the risks and the information so that you can protect yourself down the line.
  5. Certain features of your home like the roof, windows and septic systems will require certification or product approvals. Make sure you have copies of any such certifications or approvals.
  6. Get a roof insulation certificate.
  7. Gather any air conditioning energy card(s) that have been posted by the mechanical contractor at or on any of the cooling unit(s).
  8. Make sure you get a soil statement certificate from the developer or builder if at all possible.
  9. Ask for and get a copy of a termite inspection certificate from the developer or builder.
  10. Get a copy of the radon test certificate, if applicable.
  11. Get copies of all homeowner association documents, rules and regulations.

What should I know before I sign my Miami new home construction contract?

Know Your Rights

If you sign a contract to build a new construction Miami home, make sure you read it carefully. You should understand any penalties, all of your deliverables as the buyer and all of the deliverables owed by the builder. You should understand all of the costs, the process and the document itself. Just because you've signed the contract doesn't mean you have lost all of your rights to negotiate.

For instance, you should ensure you have recourse if the builder goes off schedule, doesn't complete items as promised or appears to be cutting corners. Projects like this rarely go as planned, so you should plan for how you will deal with any delays or problems.

Also, write everything down. After every conversation, change to the plan or additions to the contract, write everything down and then repeat it to your developer. Good communication and documentation are the keys to a successful new construction home project.

What is the process for building a home on my own lot?

Building A Home on Your Own Lot

New construction and preconstruction homes pretty much come in two flavors: Your Lot and Your Design Vs. A Subdivision and Designs from Which You can Choose If you plan to build your own home on your own lot, here are the basic steps you need to take.

  1. Find Your Land - Choose according to your lifestyle and desires, and of course, availability. Lots are not that easy to come by in Florida because of the massive influx of people over the last ten years. There are still build-able lots to be found so decide on your neighborhood preferences, your budget and off you go.
  2. Choose a Home Building Team - You may be able to hook up with a great contractor or builder who can recommend the other professionals that you need like a surveyor, an excavator and an architect, but you can also choose each person individually. They do all need to work together though, so a group that has worked as a team before can eliminate a lot of communication problems.
  3. Design Your Home - You may choose from any number of architectural designs, home plans and floor plans. Choose wisely and try to consider what you have loved and hated about your previous homes.
  4. Complete Your Contract - Once you have all of the planning stages complete, create a contract (preferably with the help of an attorney) that will create a reasonable time frame and outline all payment schedules, deliverables and deadlines.

What are the benefits of buying a pre-construction Miami condo?

Miami Preconstruction

There are a lot of new homes in the Miami area from which to choose, but have you considered getting in before the Miami condo or Miami home is even completed?

Buying a Miami preconstruction condo or home can be a great solution to your needs. Why? Well, you can often get special pre-construction discounts or financing in the early days of a build. The developers are anxious to lock down each property to ensure their investment's viability.

Next, you get to choose fixtures, flooring, wall color and appliances. You can make your Miami condo or Miami home uniquely yours and you will be the first to use it all.

Finally, preconstruction Miami condos are a great investment. Many real estate investors will buy during the preconstruction phase and then immediately sell their unit for profit once all the other units are sold.

Miami preconstruction is a great option if you aren't in a hurry to move into your new home, you can secure a solid price and good financing and you seek the customization you couldn't get in a new or older Miami home.

What should I ask my Miami home builder?

Miami New Construction Checklist

When you are choosing your Miami developer or Miami builder, develop a list of questions to ask before you go in. You need to know about what you want and what you are or aren't willing to live without.

  • Know your needs so you can choose the best home design?
  • What are the building codes in your area?
  • Who is the contact person for you project?
  • Are the sizes and shapes of rooms predetermined? What would work best?
  • What don't you like about your current home?
  • Learn about the home drawing and what means what? (Symbols for Windows, Doors etc.)
  • Are there any title encumbrances of the subdivision?
  • What are the home specifications? Who will provide them?
  • How do we work out disputes about completed projects and uncompleted projects?
  • When will the house be completed?
  • What kind of contracts do they require? Can you have your attorney review them?
  • What materials will be used in the home? How do I know if they are high quality?
  • Can I change things during the project, after completion?
  • Do I get to pick the paint color? Wood finishes? Molding?
  • Is yard and grounds landscaping included?
  • Can I come to the site while the home is being completed?
  • If I want something specific in my home and can get a good price, can I buy it? Who installs it?

How will homeowners associations effect my Miami new construction home?

Homeowners Associations

In many pre-planned communities in the South Florida area you will find homeowners associations. These associations create neighborhood guidelines that are there to protect home values and the look and feel of a neighborhood.

For instance they may regulate yard decorations, boat or unregistered vehicle storage, house paint colors and landscaping maintenance. To some this kind of management is intolerable, so make sure you get a complete record of the homeowners association guidelines before you commit to a preconstruction home in a given community.

If you aren't bothered by restrictions, make sure you keep the regulations on hand so you can avoid any problems. You will be required to sign these regulations at closing and you will be required to uphold them.

What are some benefits of Miami new construction?

Miami New Construction

The Miami condo and housing market has been incredibly strong for several years now and the developers are working hard to continue to meet demand. This means that there are a lot of options for a homeowner looking for a new construction Miami condo or new construction Miami home.

Condos come in all shapes and sizes, from moderate to ultra-luxury. Homes are much the same and you have the added luxury of finding communities that are right for you, be they those of the older, retired set, or the jet set.

What are the benefits of buying new construction? Well, with the recent glut of hurricanes hitting the Florida and the other Gulf Coast and Atlantic states, new homes are up to date on hurricane resistant construction and codes. They will also typically involve less of an investment in upkeep or renovations for some time. Of course, you need to make sure you get a proper home inspection and you should make sure that the prices of the other homes in the area are on the rise. You don't want to buy high and sell low.

A new Miami condo or home can be a great investment with little or no hassle for you.

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