Miami Real Estate Closing: The Buyer

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What is the buyer responsible for in a Miami real estate transaction?

Miami Real Estate Closing: The Buyer

The buyer is responsible for what seems like a lot more than the seller in a Miami real estate transaction. The burden of securing financing and orchestrating the paperwork for the purchase falls on the buyer and his or her agent. In some states title companies can conduct closings while in others attorney's must handle the transfer of property. At the closing table a buyer must:

  1. Bring all funds due. This means you must bring your downpayment, less the deposit, plus any additional closing costs.
  2. Paperwork - The buyer signs the lions share of real estate closing paperwork including the mortgage, the note and any disclosures required by the bank. Review your HUD, the spreadsheet that indicates all the fees you need to pay, to ensure that it's correct. You don't want to pay for any junk fees that have been inserted at the last minute.
  3. Homeowners Insurance - In order to close you must provide proof that you have secured homeowners insurance. This is required by all mortgage lenders to protect their investment. In some cases, you'll need to get flood insurance as well.



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