Home Inspection

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Why is a Miami home inspection important?

Home Inspection

Home inspections are a part of the real estate buying process for a very important reason. After your offer has been accepted, but before you sign the Purchase and Sale agreement, you must get a home inspection. This will reveal any problems with the home that are not immediately evident.

Major issues like problems with the foundation, the structure of the building, termite damage, hidden water damage and problems with the plumbing or electrical systems should be discovered by your home inspector. In many cases this leads to further negotiations with your seller. Don't be afraid to ask for cash at closing if there is a problem that needs attention.

Now, if the price is already low and they disclosed the issue to you before you made your offer, they may be less willing to negotiate. Many sellers will be up front about any issues and make it clear that they have already discounted the price to absorb the cost of the repair or renovation.

In Florida, it is very important that you get a home inspection from a reputable inspector. Hurricane and flood damage are sometimes easy to hide, and you don't want to get into the house and have no recourse for fixing problems that were missed prior to the sale.



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