Finding a Home Inspector

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How do I find a Miami home inspector?

Finding a Home Inspector

Home inspections should not be handled by anyone but you, the buyer. Yes, you can get recommendations on who to use from your Realtor, and yes, you can let your Realtor handle any negotiations, but the quality of your home inspection and your home inspector falls on your shoulders. If you choose a disreputable home inspector, or someone without sufficient experience and qualifications, you will be sorry.

Personal referrals are best - if you can get a recommendation from friends or family who have experience with the individual you are more likely to have a positive experience. In lieu of that, get recommendations from your Realtor or your mortgage broker. Finally, look in the Yellow Pages or online. If you can get references, do. Remember that this person can make or break your negotiations for the home and your repair bills, or lack there of, down the line.



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