Miami Flood Tips

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How can I minimize flood damage to my Miami home?

Miami Flood Tips

Once you live in the Miami area, you may experience flooding in your Miami home or Miami condo. To minimize the damage to your home and the contents of your home here are some helpful tips on what to do in case of flooding:

  • Try to grade your property so that drainage is effective.
  • Try to elevate and secure electrical appliances. Keep wooden, plastic or metal risers on hand.
  • When wiring your home, put all low electric fixtures on separate circuits.
  • Use flood resistant materials on the outside of your home and on doors.

If you are in a flood emergency, you can use sandbags to shore up structures against an onslaught of water. You can also elevate and cover your furniture to minimize dirt and damage. Miami Dade County is currently assessing and updating local drainage projects.



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