Emergency Flood Warning Tips

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What are the Miami Dade county emergency flood guidelines?

Emergency Flood Warning Tips

Because South Florida neighborhoods are susceptible to flooding, it's important as a new resident to be aware of emergency flood guidelines and procedures. Follow these instructions carefully and you'll protect yourself and your Miami home:

  • Never drive, walk though or wade in flood waters, especially those that appear to have a strong current. There could be unseen hazards in the water. You could damage your vehicle or yourself and contract infections from sewage in the water.
  • Do not go near any broken power lines or electrical wires. Be aware of any that are contacting pools of water and avoid the water as well.
  • Turn the power in your home off as soon as you see rising waters. You should also turn off gas lines and propane lines.
  • Wear smart shoes and be wary when walking around in flood areas. You can slip and fall in a puddle in your home.
  • Be wary of small wild animals and creatures displaced by a flood in your area. They may be stressed and frightened causing them to attack. Keep your residential pets close at hand.
  • If you were not able to turn off the gas in your home, be aware of any leaks. If you smell gas, do not smoke or light candles or strike matches, open all the windows to vent the gas and leave your home immediately and call local authorities.



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