Developer Insurance

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How can I get help if my Miami new construction home has problems but my home warranty has expired?

Developer Insurance

Here is a great piece of information to note. If you have a new construction Miami home and your 1 year home warranty has expired, don't panic when something goes wrong. If your developer has a policy under any of the Home Warranty Insurance programs, you may have more coverage than you think!

For instance the builder usually provides a special express warranty for “workmanship” on the home for one year but their policy will cover home systems like air conditioning, roof systems etc. for up to two years, and they should have bought insurance to cover the overall structure for another eight years. These warranty insurance companies will then cover any problems if the developer fails to live up to their agreement.

These programs also offer arbitration for builders and homeowners who get into disputes. It is a good idea to hook up with a builder or developer that has insurance like this. You know you'll be protected for any new construction Miami home pitfalls



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