Single Family Vs. Condominium

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How do I choose a Miami home or a Miami condo?

Single Family Vs. Condominium

The Miami real estate market offers a lot of options and one conundrum faced by home buyers is whether they want to live in a single family home or in a condominium. Luxury Miami condos bring a lot of benefits to the table, including solid construction, shared maintenance costs, luxurious amenities, superior privacy, concierge and parking services and plenty of space.

Don't limit yourself to single family homes if you need two or three bedrooms since there are plenty of Miami condo's that could meet your needs. Finally, many Miami condo's are situated in very close proximity to the beach.

Single family homes offer an extra level of privacy, of course, since you won't be running into your neighbors in the elevator or at the pool. Miami single family homes also offer some outdoor space, so if you aren't interested in creating and maintaining a raised or potted garden, you may want your own home and land.



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