South Florida Utilities

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What are the utility companies in Miami?

South Florida Utilities

A great Miami relocation tip: Identify your utility companies before you get there.

  • Your electricity will be coming from Florida Power and Light.
  • Water comes from the Miami Dade County Water and Sewer Department. Check their website for changing your account and for any water usage restrictions.
  • For phone, Bell South is the largest provider, but you'll probably be able to use a smaller carrier if you want to.
  • If you want cable television or Satellite TV, check with friends and neighbors for recommendations or hop on the internet and do a simple "Miami Cable Television" search for the various providers. Since this is a time when you have to pay a set up fee, check on prices for Satellite TV. During the hurricanes, many people lost cable for days and weeks, but Satellite TV users didn't lose service.
  • Check with your local town or city hall for information about trash collection and recycling.



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