Building A Home on Your Own Lot

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What is the process for building a home on my own lot?

Building A Home on Your Own Lot

New construction and preconstruction homes pretty much come in two flavors: Your Lot and Your Design Vs. A Subdivision and Designs from Which You can Choose If you plan to build your own home on your own lot, here are the basic steps you need to take.

  1. Find Your Land - Choose according to your lifestyle and desires, and of course, availability. Lots are not that easy to come by in Florida because of the massive influx of people over the last ten years. There are still build-able lots to be found so decide on your neighborhood preferences, your budget and off you go.
  2. Choose a Home Building Team - You may be able to hook up with a great contractor or builder who can recommend the other professionals that you need like a surveyor, an excavator and an architect, but you can also choose each person individually. They do all need to work together though, so a group that has worked as a team before can eliminate a lot of communication problems.
  3. Design Your Home - You may choose from any number of architectural designs, home plans and floor plans. Choose wisely and try to consider what you have loved and hated about your previous homes.
  4. Complete Your Contract - Once you have all of the planning stages complete, create a contract (preferably with the help of an attorney) that will create a reasonable time frame and outline all payment schedules, deliverables and deadlines.



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