Choosing the Right Miami Real Estate Agent: What are you Buying?

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Should what Miami home I want to buy influence my miami realtor decision?

Choosing the Right Miami Real Estate Agent: What are you Buying?

Obviously there are a lot of Miami realtors from which to choose. How do you do that?

First, what are you buying? You can find different Miami Real Estate Agents that specialize in various neighborhoods, price ranges, condos, single family homes, investment property and commercial real estate. For instance if you want to buy a single family home in Kendall, you probably don't need a Miami real estate agent who focuses on luxury homes in Key Biscayne. Or if you want a condo on South Beach, you don't need a Miami Realtor who focuses on more family friendly neighborhoods like Pinehurst and Palmetto.

The most important thing is to communicate your needs right up front. Some Miami Realtors specialize in new construction homes while others are more interested in first time home-buyers. Make your needs clear and you'll find the right Miami real estate agent.



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